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Currently working in acrylics on claybord, I have also worked in oils, pastels, etching, photo-silkscreen and photography. Born in Indiana, I have a BA from Purdue University majoring in Art History with a minor in Fine Art Painting and an MA from San Francisco State University in Theatre Arts.

I always try to look at Art, with a capital A, as a philosophy for living.  An investigation into the Why.  Each series I do is always a search into something that usually keeps me awake at night.  I’m looking for ways to figure out some problem or puzzle that will somehow explain or show other people why it might be important to understand this particular “thing” in the world where we live.  How do we translate ideas about the world via a medium.  It doesn’t really matter what medium one works with.  The important thing is to conquer the technique of that medium and say what you want to say in the best possible manner, be it visually or linguistically.  The investigation of the medium or technique is just part of the process.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have done a lot of different kinds of art and Art in my life, visual (painting/photography) and audio (poetry/voiceover) and live theatre (acting/directing). But all these things were just an attempt to try and make sense of “it all” to quote Samuel Beckett.  Or sometimes one just sees something beautiful and you want to share it with the rest of the humanity.


Solo Exhibitions

Superfine Art Fair ~ San Francisco Fort Mason Gallery ~ “Poetry Series” ~ 2023
Harry’s Restaurant Santa Fe, NM ~ “The Ripped Reality Series” ~ 2018
Sausalito Library Art Show plus Poetry Reading from “Poetry Inside Words” ~ 2016
Santa Fe Library Southside “The Ripped Reality Series” ~ 2015
Belvedere-Tiburon Library ~ “The Ripped Reality Series” ~ 2014
Napa City-County Library ~ “Animal Thoughts Series” ~ 2011
Board of Supervisor’s Office Sonoma County
The Lodge at Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma, CA
Bank of America, Sonoma, CA
Deuce, Sonoma, CA

Group Exhibitions

Art Works Downtown ~ Pastel Panache ~ 2024
Jurors: Pamela Comfort & Bonnie Zahn Griffith

World Untamed ~ Silverback ~ 2024
Online Photography Exhibition Marin Society of Artists

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts ~ Dualities ~ 2024
Jurors: Bonnie Powers & Jeffrey Levin

Sausalito Art Festival ~ 2013
Juror: Art committee

Arts Guild of Sonoma ~ 2003-2012
Artist Member

O’Hanlon Center for the Arts
Animalia Spirit ~ 2011
Juror: Diana Marto

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art
Private Eyes: Artists’ Visions Juror: Andrea Schwartz
Andrea Schwartz Gallery San Francisco

Healdsburg Center for the Arts
“Where the Wild Things Are” ~ 2011
Juror: Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art
Inspired by the Masters
Juror: Marianna Goodheart

McKinley Art Solutions
Curator: Matt McKinley

Sebastopol Center for the Arts
On Paper
Curator: Jennifer Sturgill

City Council Chambers Santa Rosa
Two Person Show. Juror: Elisa Baker

Mill Valley’s First Tuesday Art Exhibit
Jurors: Mill Valley Art Commission

Napa Valley Art Association 2006
Juror: Don Hatfield

21st Salute to the Arts Visual Art Competition 2006
Sonoma, CA
Jurors: Tyson Underwood, Donna Seager, & Kent Rupp

Pastel Society of New Mexico
11th Annual National Show
Jurors: Bob Gerbracht, Sally Strand, Dinah Worman

National Show
Artisans Gallery Mill Valley, CA
Juror: John Killacky

Pastels on High International Exhibition
Sierra Pastel Society Pollack Pines, CA
Juror: Margo Shulzke

17th Salute to the Arts Visual Art Competition
Sonoma, CA
Jurors: Meg Hitchcock, Jack Rasmussen, & Ira Wolk

Exotic Places Real and Imaginary
Danville Fine Arts Gallery
Juror: Scott King

Moved by the Land
Finley Art Center Santa Rosa, CA
Jurors: Lisa Beerntsen & Bonnie Karlsen

The Blues, SoFo2 Gallery
Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma
Juror: Shane Weare

Driven to Abstraction
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Juror: Roy Deforest

Seeing Red, SoFo2 Gallery
Cultural Arts Council of Sonoma
Juror: Maurice Lapp