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Early Pastels

I stopped painting for 10 long years because I was busy getting a Master’s Degree, then subsequently working 9 to 5 at an advertising agency, a graphic design firm, running a software company and starting a non-profit with my husband. There was no time for painting. But I did travel and during that time I spent many hours photographing the beauty of various landscapes throughout the world.

So when I started painting again instead of a brush I decided to use my fingers and try pastels. The path between the brain and the figure tip is very direct, like writing. Everyone did finger-painting as a child and it encourages a more non-realistic approach – no point duplicating a photograph unless something else can be said. What is unique about a place or a moment that you’ve experienced. Maybe the composition of the image would look better if the trees/house/boat were in a different place than in the photograph. I think this thinking ultimately led to idea of the Ripped Reality Series.