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In the Beginning

I studied Art History at Purdue University with a Fine Arts minor. When you study the history of Art, it leads down all the curious paths that artists have taken over the centuries. As one reads about each artist (whether true or not), one wonders how they might have developed the style they became known for in history.

In the beginning that curiosity led me to experiment with many eras of painting, I emulated the styles of certain movements to see what their process was as they painted: Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Realism. What did it feel like to paint the way they painted and what led them to find that method? Certainly the era they were born into influenced their thinking, as it does artists today. In addition to the formal art theories that one studies, the actual hands on learning of earlier techniques informs how one will develop their own individual visual eye and that, of course, changes along life’s path.

So, these beginning paintings follow the visual path I explored in order to learn what it might mean to be an Artist. A trail of thought, if you will.