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I’ve been doing photography for 50 years, from my first 35 mm Pentax to the present digital cameras.  In the beginning it was black & white, developing and printing my own prints.  They were pretty bad.  But somehow the joy of being the objective observer in photography allows the mind to disassociate from whatever is being seen through the lens and is a kind of escape.  To be free to observe the big picture or the minutiae in the world, take any part of the world that one finds interesting and “hold” it for a moment in one’s gaze through the lens.  To “frame” that moment exactly the way one wants to see it.  It’s an addiction, almost like not being able to “see” without it because it zooms in or out of parts of the world that one might not notice otherwise.  I cannot imagine life without a camera.

I’ve been working with a company called Scale Up Art in San Francisco that does fine art printing using a method called di-bond on aluminum.  I think they look way better than glossy acrylic. The method makes for a spectacular matte print.  If anyone is interested in having any of these images made into these prints please contact me.